Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fresh Samples: Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream, Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream and Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask

1. Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream
When I went into the store, this is the sample that the employee let me take home and try. I love that they put a substantial amount of product into the cute little container. The sample she provided will last me at least three weeks, if not longer. Once I finish the lotus eye cream sample, I plan on decanting some of my other samples into the container to make application easier.

2. Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream
I found this eye cream really refreshing but I don't think it did much for my eyes. I'm only nineteen so I really don't think eye cream is necessary yet.

3. Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask
I'm curious what the difference between an overnight mask and lotion/cream is. I feel like there isn't much difference to be honest. I put it on like a lotion but in the morning when it washes off it washes off like a mask. Overall, I think it has done a good job really hydrating my face but personally, it's a little too messy for me to use overnight especially because I'm always fearful that I'm going to get the mask all over my pillow.

None of these samples really stood out to me. One thing that I find super weird is that Fresh's products are fragrance free but they all smell the same, kind of like cucumbers. Although I didn't find these products exceptionally amazing, I still love Fresh's lip treatments and perfumes.

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