Friday, March 27, 2015

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments

This is the free birthday gift that Fresh gives out! It's actually also available online to purchase on Sephora here.

I finally understand the hype over Fresh sugar lip treatments! They are now my favorite lip balm product. They smell amazing and leave my lips super soft. I was hesitant about the tinted lip treatments since I hate lip gloss and sheer color. Sugar Rose, however, was the most flattering color. It adds just the right amount of color to your lips for a casual natural look. Another plus is that the lip treatments have almost no taste. I hate when I'm drinking water and I can taste the lip stick that I'm using.

I do plan on repurchasing and when I do I'll be getting the Sugar Sweeties Mini Lip Duo because personally, I like these smaller sizes. The diameter of the mini treatments perfectly fit the size of my lips.

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