Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trip to the Fresh Store

When my friend Sophia came down to visit from Carnegie Mellon, we visited Fresh to pick up free birthday presents (two mini sugar lip products). The store was SO CUTE. The perfume display that they had set up was unlike anything I've ever seen. Two of my favorite scents were Sake and Honeysuckle and once I run out of my Dior J'adore perfume, I'm definitely considering getting a Fresh perfume.

They also had this cute wall filled with heart tags and people's names. These tags were so cute that we actually took two to save and bring home.

Although I only came into the store to pick up the free gift, I ended up buying the smaller version of the Soy Face Cleanser and walking away with a sample of the Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream. I'll make a more detailed post about the products next!

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