Monday, April 6, 2015

Repurchased: Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

I originally received the Yu-Be skin cream in a sample bag from Sephora. I'm so glad I did because I finally found an over the counter cream that helps my eczema! A little bit of backstory - I used to use a topical steroid on my face for over five years until I learned how bad it was for you last December. That was the beginning of the three months I endured known as steroid withdrawal. (If you are really curious, you can Google's terrible). My skin was red and peeling all over the place. The eczema that I had as a kid came back. Because I couldn't use the steroid cream anymore I was suffering and only using Cetaphil, which wasn't doing anything.

Once I tried the sample of this, I immediately ordered the full sized version. I got the smaller size, which was $16, because I wasn't sure how long I would need this product for. Just a word of warning, this does have a strong camphor smell but it goes away quickly. I'm actually already halfway done with the tube and my eczema is almost gone. 

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