Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Drunk Elephant Day and Night Serums

I just started getting into serums right before I received these two products so I was super excited to test them out. 

The first thing I noticed about the day serum was that it smells kind of like orange juice. It's also really watery and kind of just squirts out of the bottle so you have to be careful when applying it. I put it on right after I wash my face before lotion. It is sticky at first but that disappears after a couple minutes.

The glycolic night serum sometimes stings my face when I use it. I recently went to Sephora and the guy I talked to told me that it's actually not supposed to be used every day. It's a product that should be used one week but then stopped for a week because it thins your skin out, which is already a problem for me. Sometimes use this, sometimes I use my Ole Henrikson serum which I like better or sometimes I just only put on lotion.

Overall, the packaging is a huge turn off. I hate that I can't see how much of the product I've used and how much is left. I feel like the packaging is actually much larger than how much product there really is. In short, I like the Ole Henrikson serum better, which I have also reviewed before here.

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